We often see a preference to bring in a consultant that has experience with a particular industry, and as you can see below, we have experience with numerous industries. However, if your industry is not on our list, our message to you is that you know your industry, but we know data and the methods and technologies required to effectively leverage it.

Over time, we have come to the conclusion that there are actually benefits to working with someone that is not entirely familiar with your industry. First of all, we can look at what you do with a fresh set of eyes.  From this objective position, we are not afraid to ask very basic questions – How do you execute business processes? How do you define industry jargon? How do you measure your performance?

We consistently find that these types of discussions are extremely beneficial to our clients. You talk about your business. We poke, prod, and ask questions. The insights that flow from these discussions often flow back to the client as much as to us. A second benefit is cross-pollination. We’ve seen data management and business analytics done in a variety of ways, across a variety of industries, and can bring you outside perspectives and different ideas.